🥏 General

What is Ultimate?

Ultimate is a team sport that mixes elements of Football, Basketball, and Soccer together. The field is roughly the size of a football field (70-yard playing field, 20-yard end zones, 40-yards wide). Play is 7v7. Players can pass the disc but when they have the disc they cannot move and must pivot like in basketball. Points are scored one at a time by passing the disc to a teammate in the end-zone. 

Who Should Play Ultimate?

Everyone! The Stillwater Girls and Boys Ultimate teams will accept all-comers. New-to-Ultimate and/or first-time athletes, as well as experienced three-sport athletes are welcome on our teams. We do not hold tryouts, and value both attendance & enthusiasm as much as natural athletic ability. In doing so, we hope to help grow the base & popularity of the sport, and the depth of our team.

Why is Ultimate different? 

  • Spirit of the Game (SOTG)
  • Self-officiated 

What do I need to play?

  • Cleats
    • Must have non-metal spikes
    • Most players use football, soccer, or lacrosse cleats
  • A disc/Frisbee
    • Official disc is a Discraft Ultrastar 175g
  • Team Uniform
    • Home and Away jerseys, included with the team fee for new players.
    • Returning players are expected to re-use jerseys from previous seasons, or until a new jersey/design is ordered. (Happens every 3-4 years. Depending on budget, team numbers, etc.) Returning players are welcome to purchase additional jerseys each year at cost.
    • Optional: Shorts, warm ups, etc., are sometimes organized & ordered by the captains for players who want them.

📆 Calendar


  • Practices go from 3:30-5pm M-Th, and start the week of March 11.
  • Our practice (and game) field is behind the turf field and tennis courts, in the NE corner of the High School property.
  • It should be assumed that all practices will be held outdoors on our practice field. If we cannot play outdoors due to weather, etc., we may make plans to relocate or practice via Zoom. Players should always come prepared to practice with appropriate clothing for any scenario.

Note for players: Your attendance, timeliness and active participation at practice will directly affect the amount of play time you see in games!


  • Girls – Tuesdays at 6:00pm starting 4/2
  • Boys – Thursdays at 6:00pm starting 4/4
    • Home games you will be responsible for your own transportation to the home field by 5:15pm
    • Away games we will carpool from Stillwater HS, times to vary depending on travel distance

All players will see play time in our weekly games and tournaments. (Note attendance-related exceptions above.) Some players will see more or less play time than others, depending on the specific game (our opponent & strategy) and that player’s experience level (including knowledge of game & rules).


  • Tournaments are held on the weekends and are typically all day/2-day events.
  • There are 2 tournaments we are interested in attending this season in the Twin Cities area
    • Matoska Classic
      • 4/20-4/21
      • White Bear Lake, MN
    • MN State Championships
      • June 1/2
      • NSC Blaine, MN

💸 Costs

Stillwater Athletics Fee (EduTrak) – $50

The Stillwater Athletic fee covers the cost of maintaining our practice field and the administrative costs associated with lettering. Paid directly to the school via EduTack.

Team Fee – $210

The team fee covers general team equipment, high school league entry fee ($600/team), tournament entry fees (State: $800/team, Matoska: $500/team), and team jersey costs for new players. 

  • Due by Wednesday 3/20 (or the second scheduled week of in-person practice)
  • Payable to Bjorn Hagstrom. (Check or Venmo @Bjorn-Hagstrom)

Minnesota Ultimate High School Player Membership – $60.

MNU is the governing body for the sport of Ultimate in Minnesota. All players competing in officially sanctioned leagues & tournaments must be MNU members.

League Registration instructions: https://minnesotaultimate.org/p/high-school-league-individual-registration-tutorial

*It is important to us that cost not be a barrier to anyone interested in joining our program. Please talk to one of the coaches if cost is a hardship or if you have questions. Payment plans and/or fundraising options may be available.

✅ Registration

How to Sign Up for the Team

💰 Fundraising

The team will partake in at least (2) fundraising efforts to help pay for the season. We’ll be looking for help from a parent from each the Boys and Girls teams to head these efforts. Both teams will participate in each fundraiser, but the Girls team will lead/organize one and the Boys team will lead/organize the other.

Our proposed fundraisers for this season are: 

  • Chipotle Fundraiser – Led by Girls Team. 
  • Cub Bagging Fundraiser – Led by Boys Team.

🏫 Lettering and Other Information

Lettering Requirements

  • Attend all practices or inform captains via text or email that you won’t be at practice
  • Attend all games or inform captains via text or email that you won’t be at the game
  • Attendance at the State tournament, plus at least partial attendance at one of the pre-State tournaments
  • NEW THIS YEAR: Complete Rules Quiz with passing score.

Informational Resources

Team Communication